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Be the Best You Can Be!
Exceptional ERP

Be the Best You Can Be!
Exceptional ERP


What Makes ERP Exceptional?

Exceptional means unusual, not typical, unusually good; outstanding, extraordinary.

Typically ERP implementations are viewed first as a PROJECT, a project with set stages, tasks, milestones, deliverables, and ultimately closure. The steps to closure are focused on ticking off tasks as “done” with the organization’s sight set on “Closure”.

It’s important to complete tasks and lists, but there is more to implementing Exceptional ERP™ than just that; your organization has an opportunity to get more from your implementation than just software. You can improve your communications, collaboration, and understanding of your business.

Why Does MIS Believe We Deliver Exceptional ERP?

In everything we do, as a firm, MIS considers your Vision and Ideas; your way of doing things, your quirks AND your strengths. We challenge your premises – even if we agree with you. We are innovative, but practical. We help you plan for a new way of being. We help you improve corporate communication and collaboration. Most importantly, we work with your TEAM to get you to where you want to be and beyond.

  • Your Vision
  • Your Ideas
  • Your Goals

What are you waiting for? Exceptional ERP™ is one where everyone’s input counts so that everyone’s vision can become their reality. Exceptional ERP™ is all about you and your organizations commitment to being the best that it can be.

Exceptional ERP™ is an Investment in Your Future.

The concept of implementing and using an ERP system can be daunting. And if it isn’t, one may be a wee bit optimistic about the positive impacts ERP can make without a lot of work.

By definition, an ERP system touches all aspects of an organization. Every department is impacted either directly or indirectly, and quite often, the processes that users harbor are self-serving and sometimes even destructive to corporate efficiency. Efficiency is what every business is striving for today. Why risk your future with inefficiencies?

Exceptional ERP™ is a Way of Being for your Organization

For some, the goal is to finish their ERP project as quickly as possible, for others ERP is viewed as a continuous journey. Exceptional ERP™ is not about rushing through your ERP project, but rather about a multi-step, well-paced process that considers your immediate and future needs; often tasks are moved to a “parking lot” or a “Phase 2” and never actually addressed. We get it, and we will be here when you are ready. After all, we’ve been helping clients create their technology solutions for 30 years, and we’re in it for the long run too.

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