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ERP Implementation Success – 10 Tips

Within the hands of the ERP Project Manager and the CIO’s, CTO’s and CFO’s in charge, is the success of your ERP implementation project, as this is the team that ultimately drives the implementation process. Advice to the above: Choose your team of experts wisely, bring on board a team…

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Forrester Says: Quick ROI with Epicor ERP

Epicor ERP ROI includes a payback period of 15 months, and a risk-adjusted Return of Investment (ROI) of 103% according to Forrester. Forrester, a leading research organization, was hired by Epicor in 2014 to conduct the Total Economic Impact™ study specifically to determine Epicor ERP’s Return on Investment (ROI). The…

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What You Need to Know About Proof of Concept Demo Costs and Modifications

The Proof of Concept Demo is the final demonstration in the software selection process, and as discussed in my previous blog, ERP Best Practices: Do You Need a Proof of Concept Demo?, not all companies need a Proof of Concept Demo to make their final decision. The determining factor for…

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Best Distribution Metrics

12 Most Used Distribution Center (DC) Metrics for 2015

The role of the Distribution Center (DC) is to provide the right product, at the right place, at the right time, free of damage and at a competitive cost. DC metrics measuring performance are at the core of a distribution center’s ability to achieve and maintain these objectives. The effectiveness…

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5 Change Agents Revolutionizing Manufacturing in 2015

Manufacturers are needing to adopt new manufacturing technologies, processes and ways of doing business to remain competitive in today’s global market, and there’s no stopping the progression. In my previous blog posts, Supply Chain Management: A Wicked Problem? and Supply Chain Management: Inventory Optimization is Not a Wicked Problem, I…

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ERP Best Practices: Building the Proof of Concept Demo and Managing Expectations

What would happen if your organization selected a system that did not meet your business requirements? Management would not be happy and your software selection project would not be a success. My previous blog, ERP Best Practices: Do You Need A Proof of Concept Demo? we discussed how the Proof…

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ERP Best Practices: Do You Need a Proof of Concept Demo?

Your organization has been working hard to identify a new ERP solution for your business. You are considering a Proof of Concept Demo. Is the Proof of Concept Demo worth the time and expense? Do you really need to engage a software vendor or Value Added Reseller (VAR) in a…

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ERP Reporting Options: Traditional ERP Reports, Spreadsheets, or…

Your existing ERP system came with hundreds of ERP reports, ERP reports that were touted to be standard, out-of-the-box reports that businesses like yours could use every day for greater efficiency and simplicity. Why are you not using more of them? Probably because the standard ERP reports aren’t exactly what…

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6 Great Reasons to Join a ERP User Group

ERP user groups seem to be growing in popularity. Epicor recently announced that their user group hit a milestone of 4,000 users worldwide with membership that had grown by more than 50% during the past three years. Oracle’s user group has a LinkedIn group with an introduction that reads, “the…

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9 Tips to Quickly Identify Your ERP Solution Faster – Part 2

In my last blog posting we started to talk about best practices for identifying an ERP solution and the importance of incorporating best practices into the selection processes. Best practices included being well organized from the start, identifying a Project Team, buy-in from key players, identifying enterprise-wide goals and objectives and more….

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