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TRUST an account manager and team committed to your success.

TRUST an account manager and team committed to your success.


Wherever you’re going with ERP, we can help.

  • Do you need an advisor who you can trust to help you select exactly the right ERP system for your current needs?
  • Could you use the help of experienced ERP experts who can teach your in-house team the nuances of managing a system?
  • Are you looking for a devil’s advocate who can analyze your current technology strategy, recommend better options, and then help you execute on your new plan?

We’ll make your IT team even better.

At MIS, we’ve spent 30 years being all of the above and more to our many satisfied clients. We begin each engagement by taking the time to get to know the strengths and nuances of your current IT team. We then identify the gaps where we can work most effectively to help you improve your operations and efficiency.

Along the way:

  • You’ll never have to rely on an 800 number for so-called “support.”
  • You’ll work primarily with a single, trusted account manager and team who understand your people and your systems with an uncommon level of intimacy.
  • You’ll never get left in the lurch due to vacations, illnesses, or turnover, because we’ve always got experts working behind the scenes who can jump in to service your account when necessary.

If you’re looking for a technology partner that’s mainly interested in pushing you to the latest, greatest technology so that they can increase their profits, we’re sorry for wasting your time. But if you’re looking for a partner who’s more interested in helping you use technology in ways that bring out your company’s full potential, we should talk soon.