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Business Process

Business Process


BPI Keeps Your Business Moving Forward

  • Are your customers being serviced as well as they could be?
  • Is the stress level of employees affecting productivity?
  • Is your organization lacking full transparency?
  • Are you as competitive as you could be?

When inefficiencies are slowing you down, you’re not the only one that feels it – your customers are feeling it too. The pain of working with what appears to be an incompetent organization can leave a lasting impression of frustration, wasted time and more… and it makes your customer think twice about being a repeat customer.

Change is hard, but the end result is a brighter future.

No one likes change, but change is happening all around us everyday. Your customers are looking for companies that have their best interest in mind, from offering the most competitive pricing to the best customer service. Imagine the positive impact that business process improvement could have on your bottom line.



MIS Business Process Improvement Consulting

When you engage MIS to be your technology expert you have a unique opportunity to work with a company that’s been helping organizations improve business processes since 1987. Let MIS show you how you can utilize technology to meet your business goals and objectives by doing more with less for a sustainable competitive advantage.

  • Automated processes that reduce errors while increasing efficiencies.
  • Customized workflows and dashboards to streamline processes.
  • Team collaboration between employees, customers, suppliers and vendors.
  • Social incorporated into your everyday workflow.
  • Mobile access to keep you connected from anywhere, anytime.
  • Performance metrics for improved insights and decisions.
  • Real-time access to company-wide data for full transparency.
76% of CFO’s surveyed say they are likely to recommend Epicor ERP – Source: TechValidate
73% of surveyed customers increased their productivity by 25%-49% ormore after using Epicor ERP. – Source TechValidate

There’s Always Room for Business Process Improvement

Let’s talk about how technology can help you be more competitive today and tomorrow.

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