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ERP should
be the solution,
not a new
set of challenges

ERP should
be the solution,
not a new
set of challenges


Don’t believe the ERP horror stories.

  • Have you heard the horror stories about ERP implementation project delays and overruns?
  • Are you concerned about customizations adding critical days and weeks to your project timeline?
  • How will you handle data conversion as you transition from a legacy system to ERP?

Plan. Execute. Thrive on ERP.

Save the horror stories for the campfire. At MIS, we take every step possible to help clients avoid the kinds of nightmare projects that get talked about for years to come.

Every successful ERP project begins with careful planning. That’s why we take the time to understand your requirements, your team, and your technology up front:

  • Using our tried and true Signature® Methodology, we can tell you right from the start whether your project is staying on track from a financial perspective.
  • Leaning on our data migration experience, we eliminate the risk of devastating data corruption and data loss incidents.
  • Drawing upon our deep Epicor product knowledge gained as a top-tier Epicor partner, we’ll lay out a detailed plan that takes you from idea to success as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.


With hundreds of successful projects under our belts and a powerful, tested methodology at our fingertips, we’re your go-to partner for finalizing your ERP decisions, crystallizing your business processes, configuring your systems, and guiding your project through to completion.

At the end of your project, you’ll come away with full documentation and the ability to maintain and configure your system in the years to come.

ERP project management. Your success is our goal.

Software and data migration. Ensure nothing gets “lost in the move.”

Database integration. Eliminate information silos.

G/L chart of accounts setup. Centralize your account information.

BI and reporting. Enhance your decision making.

Performance Management. Setup and track KPI’s.

Experience Exceptional ERP