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BUILDING the skills
needed for your
steps to success

BUILDING the skills
needed for your
steps to success


Prepare your staff to get the most out of ERP.

  • How will your in-house IT team get up to speed with a robust new ERP system?
  • What’s the most timely and cost-effective way to distribute training materials to your IT staff?
  • How will you carry on day-to-day maintenance of your ERP system after the implementation consultants have gone home?

Explore the full possibilities of your ERP system.

One of the most daunting aspects of implementing an ERP system is the thought that once the implementation project is complete, your in-house IT team will be responsible for maintaining your new system. It’s essential to make sure your team has the skills and knowledge they’ll need before you even begin implementation, so that they’ll be ready for anything on day one of production.

MIS has never been content to hand off “one-size-fits-all” training materials and then leave town. Instead, we carefully assess the strengths and knowledge gaps of your team, and then design customized training packages that will give you everything you need to maximize your ROI with ERP.


Epicor Kinetic Training


Whether you’re bringing junior IT staff up to speed, need to refresh a veteran team on the fundamentals, or are concerned about retaining knowledge during periods of high IT staff turnover, we’ll deliver training that fulfills all of your objectives.

In our on-site or remote training sessions, you’ll work with the same consultants who implemented your system to:

  • Walk through the possibilities for your Epicor Kinetic system.
  • Configure a demo system using your data, which will help them determine which data needs to be migrated from your legacy systems.
  • Migrate your data, test on this data, and learn what you need to do to keep the new system running smoothly.

Our goal? To check in with you next year and hear that your IT team is maintaining your Epicor Kinetic system like old pros.

Onsite or offsite. Train on your terms.

Refresher courses. Stay on top of your ERP game.

Let’s Discuss Your Training Needs