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ERP upgrades
a headache?
We see them as
opportunities to excel

ERP upgrades
a headache?
We see them as
opportunities to excel


Take your ERP platform to the next level.

  • Wondering whether you can perform ERP software updates yourself?
  • Want to make sure your third-party software will still work with your upgraded ERP system?
  • Need guidance in maintaining your newly upgraded ERP system?

Finally: ERP upgrades without the headaches.

ERP upgrades strike fear into the hearts of most IT staffs—but they shouldn’t. An upgrade isn’t supposed to be a chore that you dread performing every two years. On the contrary, it’s an opportunity to increase the productivity and efficiency of your entire workforce.


Epicor Upgrade Consulting

MIS gives you the knowledge, guidance, and hands-on expertise you need to guide your upgrade project from idea to completion. Working closely with your in-house IT team, we’ll:

  • Help you understand what your upgrade will require in terms of hardware, software, and personnel.
  • Offer advice on how to prepare your third-party applications to work with your upgraded Epicor Kinetic platform.
  • Verify that all your customizations will work with the new version of Epicor Kinetic.
  • Pilot and test to confirm that everything is working properly.
  • Load-balance your SQL servers, application servers, and database so that no single component is working too hard.
  • Leave you with full documentation on the changes to your customizations, network, and business processes.



Planning an Epicor Upgrade?

Let’s talk. Our upgrade consultants will guide your project to success.


By getting involved in your upgrade project from the initial planning stages, MIS can help you create realistic schedules, review hardware requirements, and set expectations for all your stakeholders. Remember—we take the time to understand your business up front so that we’ll always be able to deliver solutions that meet your specific needs. That’s what we’ve done for 35 years and counting, and we’re not changing now!

Upgrade planning. Chart your course to ERP excellence.

Third-party applications. Avoid clashes with your upgraded ERP.

Load balancing. Keep your servers and database running optimally.