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NEVER lose sight of your goals,
with a partner focused on results

NEVER lose sight of your goals,
with a partner focused on results


Don’t let your ERP software boss you around.

  • Have you heard bad things about ERP?
  • Are you concerned that you’ll be forced to adapt your business processes to fit your new ERP system?
  • Have you been frustrated in the past by having to implement business software in ways that don’t make sense for your organization?

Build business processes that conform to you.

MIS is on a mission to shatter the myths about ERP. Yes, ERP can be cumbersome, inflexible, and costly–when it’s implemented in a way that pays no heed to the needs of an organization. That’s why we’ve spent 30 years doing just the opposite.

The truth is, there’s more than one way to implement ERP. To get the most out of your system, you’ll need to be creative with your implementation.



MIS specializes in helping companies like yours create solutions that meet the short- and long-term goals of the entire organization. By working with the flexible Epicor Kinetic platform, we can help you design business processes that support the way you work. We call this approach the Epicor Signature Methodology.

Once we’ve helped you identify your project requirements, we’ll:

  • Put on our creative thinking caps.
  • Take a careful look at your organization.
  • Figure out how to make your Epicor Kinetic software work exactly the way you want.

Relying on a blend of industry best practices, our hands-on experience, and the input of your team, we’ll deliver an ERP system that not only meets your current needs right out of the box, but is also easy to add to and modify as your needs change.

76% of CFO’s surveyed said they are likely to recommend Epicor ERP – Source TechValidate
93% of manufacturers surveyed say Epicor scales better than the competition – Source TechValidate

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Better reporting for better decisions. Use BI to your advantage.

Business process automation. Maximize your efficiency.

Enterprise performance management. Gain real-time operational insights.

Cost reduction. Trim waste from your budget.

Collaboration. Eliminate information silos.

Mobility. Free employees from the desktop.

Growth. Make smart decision about expansion.

Scalability strategies. Plan your solution for tomorrow.

Responsiveness. Be ready for the next challenge – or curved ball.

Document management. Eliminate paper from your office.