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Run at full speed with confidence
your ERP system is there for you

Run at full speed with confidence
your ERP system is there for you


Keep your business running at full speed.

  • Wondering whether your IT team can meet business users’ support requests in a timely manner?
  • Worried that you’ll be forced to upgrade your software every time you upgrade your hardware–and vice versa?
  • Concerned that you’ll lose your customizations every time you move to a new version of the software?

Take the headache out of maintaining ERP.

For many companies, implementing ERP software isn’t the real headache. The real struggle begins after they go live and have to maintain the system. But for MIS’s clients, things are different. Very different.



With MIS by your side, you have choices when it comes to maintaining your ERP. The choice to learn how to maintain your system on your own, or the choice to work with the MIS team. Either way we’ll show you how to support and maintain your Epicor Kinetic software so that you’re never forced into changes you don’t want to make. For example:

  • We’ll educate you on how to upgrade your hardware without affecting the function of your software.
  • We’ll show you how to perform Epicor upgrades on whatever technology you’re currently running.
  • We’ll show you how to keep your database separate from your hardware and software, so that you can make changes to any of these layers without having to perform expensive upgrades to your customizations.

Get knowledgeable, professional support

Keep your Epicor system current and your users productive.


Don’t sweat the details of maintaining your Epicor Kinetic software. Remember that when you work with MIS, your dedicated consultant who knows your systems just as well as you do is only a phone call away. Find out for yourself how good that feels.

Technical support. Work with consultants who know you and your systems.

Annual maintenance. Streamline software updates and upgrades.

Month-end and year-end processing. Close the books faster.