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21 Ways Epicor ERP Manufacturing Helps Manufacturers

Keeping your manufacturing operations running smoothly means that many moving parts are in sync; when something goes out of sync, your operations can come to a costly halt. ERP software, like Epicor ERP Manufacturing can provide the tools you need to help keep your operations moving forward. too need to continue to build upon your core business. Maybe you are looking for new opportunities, or to improve efficiencies. The experts at MIS strongly believe that Epicor ERP Manufacturing can help you be your best no matter what your size or challenges. Below is a list of 21 ways that Epicor ERP Manufacturing helps manufacturers:

    1. 1. Fully integrated Microsoft-based ERP solution
    2. 2. Epicor ERP Supply Chain Management integration
    3. 3. Epicor ERP Distribution integration
    4. 4. Shop Floor Data (MES) integration for reduced risk of production downtime
    5. 5. Improved Collaboration
    6. 6. Mobile access
    7. 7. Streamlined business processes
    8. 8. Improved efficiencies and reduced bottlenecks
    9. 9. Data integration from multiple databases, including non-Epicor data
    10. 10. Improved decisions with real time data analysis and dashboards
    11. 11. Improved competitiveness through better decision making
    12. 12. Sales Quote generation from the field that’s fast and accurate
    13. 13. Automated purchasing for automated inventory replenishment
    14. 14. Automated Accounts Payable
    15. 15. Real-time inventory for improved inventory accuracy
    16. 16. Reduced Cycle Times
    17. 17. Zero Quantity Bill of Materials functionality
    18. 18. Spreadsheet use reduced or eliminated
    19. 19. Paper reduced with docSTAR (recently acquired by Epicor)
    20. 20. Customer Service satisfaction increased
    21. 21. Growth

A list of 21 bullet points just skims the basics of how Epicor ERP Manufacturing can help manufacturers, but it is a good start for an even better conversation. Epicor Software Corporation has been developing manufacturing solutions for over 40 years and continues to build upon its core solutions. Epicor ERP offers manufacturers options for deployment in the cloud, on-premises or as a hybrid solution therefore providing flexibility for a variety of budgets.

If you would like more information about Epicor ERP, please contact the team at MIS to talk about your business and it’s challenges. MIS has been selling, implementing and supporting Epicor products for 30 years, so we have a lot of experience and expertise to share with you and are here to help you succeed with your ERP project. Advice is free!




Karen Beaulieu

Karen Beaulieu has worked in the ERP software industry for over 15 years. Having worked in a variety of roles from product development, channel and direct sales to marketing, Karen has a unique understanding and perspective of the ERP software industry. Currently Karen works in a marketing capacity for MIS Consulting & Sales and MIS Solutions Canada, ULC.

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