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Beyond Excel: ROI Budgeting and Corporate Performance Management Software

So you think that you’re doing fine using your older budgeting software or tool like MS Excel. Your not complicated, your needs are simple. Corporate Performance Management software? You’re doing fine without that too. After all, you and your management team have been using your current system for years, you have it down, it’s good enough. Business is moving forward too. Why then would you want to make a change? No one likes change.

pcFinancials Extends MS Excel Capabilities

If you’re using MS Excel spreadsheets, what if you were told that you could have a tool that extends the capabilities of MS Excel while removing your typical spreadsheet challenges? All your data could be securely stored in a central repository. Manually intensive budgeting, reporting or consolidation processes would be eliminated and your budget could be based on automated business rules that you create, or sales statistics from your ERP. Poor data integrity would no longer be an issue. Come time for an audit, your auditors (and team) would love you! That’s what moving away from Excel budgeting looks like.

Take it to the next level and add on Performance Analytics like those found in Performance Canvas Financials (pcFinancials) by DSPanel. pcFinancials offers businesses Corporate Performance Management software through a web-based dashboard that can be hosted in the cloud or deployed on-premise. The product allows you to view real-time data from your ERP system and other external data sources.

Enterprise Level KPI’s with Drilldown

By having all of your business data consolidated ‘under one roof,’ with pcFinancials Corporate Performance Management software you can setup enterprise level KPI’s that can be monitored and drilled into from your dashboard. Fragmented, outdated information will no longer have to be pieced together, instead you’ll have real-time insights into productivity, bottlenecks, delivery stats, margins, and more. Problems will be visible as they arise and when necessary, quick adjustments can be made to keep workflows optimized. As expected, data access is limited to predefined security settings so you can be confident that it won’t be seen by the wrong set of eyes.

Performance analytics tools like pcFinancials Corporate Performance Management software offer capabilities with insights that are not found in your standard, out of the box reporting. With access to analytics, such as profitability analytics, you can see the likes of your most or least profitable accounts, which products yield the highest margins, job productivity by job and more.

14 Questions to Ask Your Team

So if you are still of the mindset that your old budgeting software, or spreadsheet is all you need, and Corporate Performance Management software is an overkill, think again. With consumer expectations being higher than ever before, businesses are being pushed to do more with less and identifying ways to be more competitive. Technology can help you get there. Budgeting and performance analytics software enables you to use industry best practices to improve efficiencies so that you can focus on other aspects of your business. Consider the following:

  1. What are your current challenges?
  2. How many databases do you need to pull budget or analytics data from?
  3. How long does it take you to put your annual budget together?
  4. How accurate is your annual budget?
  5. Is your budget a required annual exercise or a useful tool?
  6. Do you have version control or security issues?
  7. Are you able to easily compare your budget against actuals?
  8. Are you able to get the type of business intelligence you need to make solid business decisions?
  9. Are you able to test variables, such as a new product line, to see the impact on your budget and bottom line?
  10. Are you able to identify bottlenecks so you can make quick changes and lessen the impact to your bottom line?
  11. Are you able to accurately measure corporate performance at the enterprise level?
  12. Do your auditors have confidence in your data?
  13. Are you too dependent on your IT department?
  14. Is IT your bottleneck?

ROI of pcFinancials Budgeting and Corporate Performance Management Software

Corporate Performance Management software like pcFinancials by DSPanel, is a complete tool that can take the headache away from your budgeting process by simplifying, streamlining and putting controls into place.  In addition, you’ll have access to accurate, real-time Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics.

Rather than spending time collecting data from departments and disparate systems, data from multiple databases is automatically brought into DSPanel, therefore data entry errors are eliminated. Data used for budgeting and analytics is real-time so quick and better informed decisions can be made.. The Return on Investment is high:

  • A 50-90% time savings on budgeting and forecasting.
  • Processes that are no longer breaking down.
  • Real-time budgeting and analytics with drilldown capabilities.
  • Accurate data for accurate business intelligence.
  • Dashboards that let you analyze and monitor anything with real time KPI’s.
  • Faster auditing process.

If you’re still not convinced, think about how performance management software could do a better job of providing you with the types of insights you need to help you reach your goals. If you are ready to take a closer look at how pcFinancials budgeting or BI and Analytics (Corporate Performance Management) software can play a role in helping you take your business to the next level, call MIS today

MIS is authorized to sell pcFinancials into any ERP product line in North America and Mexico. Many ERP integrations are available today. To learn more, download the free Performance Canvas brochure from our website and then call MIS to learn how you can get the most out of your data for improved insights, better decisions and so you can be your most competitive.

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