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21 Ways Epicor ERP Manufacturing Helps Manufacturers

Keeping your manufacturing operations running smoothly means that many moving parts are in sync; when something goes out of sync, your operations can come to a costly halt. ERP software, like Epicor ERP Manufacturing can provide the tools you need to help keep your operations moving forward. too need to continue…

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Manufacturers Concerns, Risk and Top Priorities for 2017

Gartner’s forecast of $1.19 trillion for North American IT spend remains the largest in the world. The enterprise software market in North America is projected to grow 7.2%, reaching $3.93.5 billion dollars in 2017 with continued growth through 2020. Gartner advises that technology product management leaders use this data to…

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Best Distribution Metrics

12 Most Used Distribution Center (DC) Metrics for 2015

The role of the Distribution Center (DC) is to provide the right product, at the right place, at the right time, free of damage and at a competitive cost. DC metrics measuring performance are at the core of a distribution center’s ability to achieve and maintain these objectives. The effectiveness…

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5 Change Agents Revolutionizing Manufacturing in 2015

Manufacturers are needing to adopt new manufacturing technologies, processes and ways of doing business to remain competitive in today’s global market, and there’s no stopping the progression. In my previous blog posts, Supply Chain Management: A Wicked Problem? and Supply Chain Management: Inventory Optimization is Not a Wicked Problem, I…

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