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Cost Insights: 14 Benefits of Manufacturing Cost Insights with Epicor ERP BI

The primary purpose of Business intelligence (BI) is to enable access to and analysis of information so corporate executives, managers, operational workers and other end users make better and more informed decisions. There’s no doubt that BI is a tool that can provide a significant business impact. This blog discusses BI in relation to the manufacturer, specifically the benefits of BI to the manufacturer and manufacturing cost insights with Epicor ERP BI.

Cost Insights: Cutting Edge Business Intelligence

Cost insights are a cutting edge form of business intelligence that provides actionable insights on product costs and profitability available not only to corporate executives and managers but also to engineering and manufacturing. During a time when manufacturers are working hard to increase efficiencies and reduce costs, visibility into product cost data can be invaluable in controlling production costs.

14 Benefits of Manufacturing Cost Insights with Epicor ERP BI

  1. Provide full transparency into all aspects of your business
  2. Build intelligence into cost models
  3. Evaluate costs during product development
  4. Quantify the impact of changes to product design
  5. Provide production cost insights to all departments
  6. Provide profitability insights to all departments
  7. Identify cost saving opportunities
  8. Justify an investment in new machinery
  9. Leverage data from disparate systems
  10. Enable real-time decision making
  11. Identify bottlenecks
  12. Automate report distribution
  13. Provide data visualization with informative dashboards
  14. Simplify ad-hoc reporting

To learn more about Epicor ERP BI, contact MIS. MIS can help you configure an Epicor ERP solution that produces the necessary insights for you to keep your manufacturing operations optimized. MIS incorporates industry best practices to help manufacturers improve cost controls from production through shipping of the final product. MIS, the longest standing Epicor ERP partner, is a partner that you can trust to deliver an Exceptional ERP™ experience.

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