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Forrester Says: Quick ROI with Epicor ERP

Epicor ERP ROI includes a payback period of 15 months, and a risk-adjusted Return of Investment (ROI) of 103% according to Forrester.

Forrester, a leading research organization, was hired by Epicor in 2014 to conduct the Total Economic Impact™ study specifically to determine Epicor ERP’s Return on Investment (ROI). The process involved conducting detailed interviews with a number of Epicor’s ERP customers and then using the information obtained from the interviews to create a ‘composite organization’. The composite organization was used to measure the financial impact and ROI of Epicor ERP.

The studies positive results of a 15 month payback period and 103% risk adjusted ROI demonstrated that the expense of implementing Epicor ERP paid off for the composite organization. Additional findings included productivity savings across the composite organization’s supply chain management, production management, planning and scheduling, sales, finance and IT functions including:

  • 15% reduction in average inventory levels through increased inventory turns
  • 12% time savings in production control as a result of Epcior’s visual Kanban and L.E.A.N. manufacturing capabilities
  • Productivity gains through online visibility of plant floor and plant-based transactions from Epicor’s integrated manufacturing execution system (MES).
  • Gains in sales productivity and customer satisfaction levels due to more accurate sales estimates and order fulfillment, streamlined order-to-cash processing and order placement and tracking through Epicor ERP’s self-service ecommerce storefront.
  • Improved cross-organizational financial visibility and control over financial reporting, planning and forecasting processes while being compliant with corporate, finance and international trade standards.
  • Streamlining and enforcing critical business processes that are unique to the organization, including alerts and workflows that eliminate waste without customizing the software.
  • Continuous improvements to business processes
  • Increased employee productivity.

Here are some infographics detailing the results:

Epicor ERP Infographic
For more detailed information, view the full Forrester TEI Study.

Epicor, with 40 years experience developing ERP systems, offers it’s ERP customers a business solution with a lower cost of ownership and quick ROI as compared to vintage ERP systems. Epicor ERP offers a relatively short implementation cycle resulting in a quicker ROI.

If you would like more information on this subject or have questions about identifying an ERP solution for your business, please contact MIS.

Karen Beaulieu

Karen Beaulieu has worked in the ERP software industry for over 15 years. Having worked in a variety of roles from product development, channel and direct sales to marketing, Karen has a unique understanding and perspective of the ERP software industry. Currently Karen works in a marketing capacity for MIS Consulting & Sales and MIS Solutions Canada, ULC.

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