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How to Shop Shipping Rates in Epicor ERP

Shipping expenses can get costly if not well managed, but what if you could save an average of 6% on shipping costs? The Epicor Quick Ship Rate Shopping web application is your ticket! The web app helps reduce shipping costs for both you and your customers, a customer-pleasing win-win for both! Lets take a look at how to shop shipping rates in Epicor ERP.

Integrated with Epicor ERP, Epicor Quick Ship Rate Shopping web application lets you shop rates during order entry or at the time of shipping.  The application is available for both Quick Ship Express and Quick Ship Premier. Besides cost savings, Epicor Quick Ship Rate Shopping has many beneficial features, including:

  • Pulls your order details, including shipping destination, and breaks your orders down by shipping containers. Containers can be from multiple sites, shipping days and consist of different sizes and values.
  • Side-by-side shipping rate comparison from various domestic and international carriers including FedEx™, UPS™, DHL™, USPS™ and Canadian carriers Purolator™ and CanPar™.
  • Shop LTL and parcel shipments
  • View freight amount with shipping charge scheme and negotiated rates
  • Add handling charges to your shipments
  • Recognize multiple ship-from sites on an order
  • Launch the rate shopping application from either the order shipment or customer shipment screen in Epicor ERP
  • Rate shop orders and shipments based on order release, ship-to-destination, or ship-by date

Finally, don’t forget to periodically renegotiate shipping rates with your providers, especially as your company grows because providers offer volume-based discounts. Even if you aren’t growing, a phone call to a competitor followed by one to your carrier is sometimes all it takes to lower your rates. For example, Fed-X™ and UPS™ are both well aware that once a company starts using a specific carrier and method of shipping, that they are likely to stay for a long time and will therefore offer customer incentives specifically to keep the loyalty of their customers so it never hurts to ask and your customers will appreciate the savings.

If you would like to learn more about the Epicor Quick Ship Rate Shopping web application, contact the team at MIS today!

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