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Manufacturers Concerns, Risk and Top Priorities for 2017

Gartner’s forecast of $1.19 trillion for North American IT spend remains the largest in the world. The enterprise software market in North America is projected to grow 7.2%, reaching $3.93.5 billion dollars in 2017 with continued growth through 2020. Gartner advises that technology product management leaders use this data to identify opportunities for growth.

While technology expenditures such as hardware and PC’s continue to decline, improving the overall customer experience is a key initiative for many organizations. With that, Gartner’s forecast for worldwide IT spending found that organizations are budgeting for CRM, web conferencing and collaboration/social software.

KPMG’s International 2016 Global Manufacturing Outlook survey results show that manufacturers expect to compete through the strength of their supply chain. A weak link in the supply chain can quickly disrupt operations and impact your bottom line, so supply chain risk is a big concern for many.

At the center of supply chain risk is visibility. Only 13% of respondents have ‘complete’ visibility past their Tier 1 suppliers and into their Tier 2 and beyond. No wonder that 56% of manufacturers are looking to invest in supply chain analytics tools and skills. It should also be of no surprise that technologies designed to improve supply chain agility, flexibility and efficiency are receiving top priority.

KPMG predicts that the most investment and interest from supply chain leaders and executives will be in the rapidly emerging field of the IoT (Internet of things). “IoT is going to be a critical component of growth for manufacturers, both as a way to improve the value of their products by embedding sensors and connectivity, but also as a way to monitor, manage and improve the supply chain,” notes Erich L. Gampenrieder.

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