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5 December 2019 in News

Press Release: Partner MIS Consulting & Sales Ramps Up its EFP Training and Promotion in 2020 Following Strong Customer Demand

Due to the success of the MIS ‘Coffee on Us’ webinar series, MIS is excited to continue the webinar series in January 2020. Epicor Financial Planner by DSPanel will the first of multiple products highlighted.

Epicor Financial Planner – a complete, capable, and subscription-based financial reporting, budgeting & planning, and fiscal consolidation solution powered by DSPanel, is proudly resold and implemented by MIS.

Over the last two years, EFP has introduced exciting new features that allow organizations to finally kickstart their ambition of real and tangible digital transformation within the finance departments through process streamlining and automation.

EFP, in whichever angle you look at, is a capable solution that is the perfect mix of secure data handling and storage, injection of FP&A best practices, ready-to-use finance logic, stability in the product, automation, and affordability of licenses and implementation.

DSPanel’s January 22nd webinar will focus primarily on the product’s ability to handle advanced and highly sophisticated reporting needs. A follow-up webinar will focus on the streamlined budget workflow within EFP.

The VP of Marketing & Sales at DSPanel – Errah Cavallin has this to say,

“From the very beginning, it was clear to us within the EFP team that the marketing and sales of EFP can only thrive if we began the entire process by listening. 

It was imperative to us that we brought to the market a solution that did not just bear “nice to have” features but had capabilities that our target business users needed and wanted. 

This was never about what we thought customers should have; it is about finding out what is needed on the ground to move our customers from just the idea of digital transformation to real, tangible change that’s long overdue for most of our customers. 

We knew that the only way EFP would succeed in its goal is if we made sure every single customer is satisfied and continuously convinced of the value of the product enough for them to become trustworthy ambassadors of our solution. 

Today, we have reached a point where the majority of our sales come from customer referrals, so we must be doing something right, and we are very happy we have MIS by our side – a competent and reliable partner that truly understands our vision.”

See the full DSPanel press release here.

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