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How to Select the Best ERP Consultant for Your Business

ERP is a large investment that comes with high expectations. The right ERP consultant can have as large of a positive impact on your ERP project success as the wrong ERP consultant can have a negative impact on your project. When you ask yourself how to select the best ERP consultant for your business, you may be tempted to choose based on the recommendation of a friend or former colleague. What if the recommended consultant does not have expertise in your industry? Whereas a recommendation or industry expertise are two common methods used in selecting an ERP consultant, the process really should be more involved as your business and your project team are unique and the final outcome of an ERP implementation can vary greatly.

Consultants come from a wide variety of backgrounds with a wide range of expertise ranging from first hand experience to industry expertise to expertise within a specific module of an ERP solution. No two consultants are alike, and each offers their unique perspective and approach to an ERP project, even when following industry best practices. For this reason, the same ERP system can be configured multiple ways depending on the background and sometimes even the creativity of the consultant as well as the overall implementation strategy taken for your ERP project.

You may also find yourself deciding between a newly trained consultant specializing in your industry or a seasoned consultant without expertise in your specific industry. Which is preferred? Many lean towards industry expertise, however ERP projects are a huge undertaking and a lot of underlying value can be found in working with someone that has been in the trenches and knows how to manage an ERP project well; inexperience can lead to costly mistakes. If confronted with the choice of industry expertise over experience, both options must be carefully weighed.

The personalities of your team and consultants should also be factored into selecting an ERP consultant for your project. What if the consultant’s personality does not meld well with that of your teams? Don’t underestimate the amount of time and team collaboration that is involved with an ERP project. The team that will be spending hours upon hours working closely with your implementation partner needs to be cohesive. You need your team and consultants to be comfortable with each other and to have trust in one another, otherwise there’s risk for hindered communications and collaboration which can impact your project and budget.

Once you’ve narrowed down your options, a reference check is also a good idea. Of course you’ll be referred to an existing customer that is happy with the services provided, but it is here that you can ask questions about the overall experience before, during and after the project.

In conclusion, the best ERP consultant for your business is the consultant that offers the greatest level of comfort and confidence to your project team. If your team works well with your consultant, then communications and collaboration will be higher which helps to keep the project moving forward as scheduled.

If you need help finding the right ERP consultant for your project, or have questions about this post or Epicor Enterprise, Epicor ERP 9, Epicor ERP 10, Epicor SaaS, or PC Financials Corporate Performance Management or Budgeting Software solutions by DSPanel, contact MIS. MIS has been helping businesses meet their business goals and objectives with technology since 1987. Wa are not going anywhere and are here when you are ready.

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Karen Beaulieu

Karen Beaulieu has worked in the ERP software industry for over 15 years. Having worked in a variety of roles from product development, channel and direct sales to marketing, Karen has a unique understanding and perspective of the ERP software industry. Currently Karen works in a marketing capacity for MIS Consulting & Sales and MIS Solutions Canada, ULC.

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