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Inventory Management and Your Bottom Line

Inventory management is about understanding demand and finding the right balance so that your costs are lowest and profit margins highest. If managed correctly, at the simplest level, your production keeps moving forward and your customers stay happier. Managed poorly, inventory impacts all areas of a business, and ultimately your…

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What You Need to Know About Proof of Concept Demo Costs and Modifications

The Proof of Concept Demo is the final demonstration in the software selection process, and as discussed in my previous blog, ERP Best Practices: Do You Need a Proof of Concept Demo?, not all companies need a Proof of Concept Demo to make their final decision. The determining factor for…

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ERP Best Practices: Do You Need a Proof of Concept Demo?

Your organization has been working hard to identify a new ERP solution for your business. You’ve been asked to inquire about a Proof of Concept Demo. Is the Proof of Concept Demo worth the time and expense? Do you really need to engage a software vendor or Value Added Reseller…

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