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ERP Project Failure

Why ERP Projects Fail

Failure is a scary word, especially when it comes to costly ERP projects. Failure can be a fear due to past experiences or horror stories shared. No one sets out to fail, we all have every intention to succeed. So, why then do ERP projects fail?

An ERP projects failure doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a progression. Success is also a progression. You can make your ERP project a success story by doing your homework and understanding the typical scenarios that result in failure and knowing what steps can be taken to avoid those situations.

What situations are we talking about here? How does one go about approaching an ERP project correctly? For starters, selecting ERP software should be a well thought out process, not a quick selection with a rushed implementation that could result in missed steps. In fact, we’ve written a few MIS blogs on the topic of successful ERP software selection that are referenced at the end of this blog for your convenience. In the meanwhile, to get you thinking positively about your ERP project, here are a few thoughts:

  • Start your ERP selection process by having a good understanding of what you expect to gain from an ERP software investment
  • Have a detailed understanding of your business goals and objectives, including your business plan for the next five years
  • Don’t believe everything you hear – do your own due diligence
  • Just because an ERP solution is a good fit for one company does not mean it will be a good fit for another company
  • Don’t assume anything when it comes to software features and functionality
  • If you have requirements unique to your business, ask to see demonstrations of how each of your short-listed ERP solutions will handle those requirements
  • Be aware of software bashing – other vendors bad mouthing a solution – and question why they need to bash their competitors in the first place
  • Always get references, but also seek out your own referrals as an ERP vendor is not going to provide you with a bad reference

ERP is a team effort and ERP success comes to those that correctly set expectations and manage the process well. You can count on that! Make your story an ERP success story! Need help? Ask MIS! MIS is the longest standing Epicor partner and our team of seasoned consultants will help assure your ERP project success because our team knows what it takes for you to meet your business goals and objectives with Epicor ERP. That’s why we call it Exceptional ERP™! Call a partner you can trust! Contact MIS today!

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Karen Beaulieu

Karen Beaulieu has worked in the ERP software industry for over 15 years. Having worked in a variety of roles from product development, channel and direct sales to marketing, Karen has a unique understanding and perspective of the ERP software industry. Currently Karen works in a marketing capacity for MIS Consulting & Sales and MIS Solutions Canada, ULC.

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