XL Connect 7 enables all levels of Microsoft Excel users to create fully interactive reports in minutes

BizNet Software®, Inc., a pioneer in self-service reporting and analytics solutions, announced today the launch of XL Connect 7 for Epicor ERP. Built to function within Microsoft Excel, XL Connect 7 provides business users greater flexibility to create more than financial reports, and provides new connectivity to all data, Epicor or otherwise, with a simple drag-and-drop motion.

“The perfect solution for both the analyst and the business user, XL Connect 7 is a game changer in the way our customers manage their reporting,” said Epicor Sr. Manager of Product Marketing Elizabeth Cain. “Users can build reports in minutes, utilize templates, and create interactive reports for detailed drilldowns and analysis from existing spreadsheets and Epicor data—all within Excel.”

When combining the powerful functions of XL Connect 7 with Epicor ERP and other data sources, business users become empowered to answer their own questions of the data and become better able to make informed business decisions. In addition, reports automatically refresh to provide business users with the latest updated information for better decisions.

Notable functions of XL Connect 7 include real-time, automatic connections to all Epicor data, the ability to create ad-hoc reports, functions and analysis, drill-down capabilities to provide details behind the numbers and immediate access to the data anytime, anywhere with fully interactive reports, even when users are offline. XL Connect 7 is also available for Profit 21 and iScala.

For more information or to see a demonstration, contact MIS.

Source: PRWeb