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Where Do You Start?

  • Wondering how to approach your ERP budget?
  • Questioning what could impact your ERP budget?
  • Asking how you can keep your ERP project within budget?

Setting Yourself up for Project Success

Your ERP budget is like any other budget, except you need to understand company-wide ERP requirements and expectations to make it work.  Many ERP projects have unrealistic budgets which set them up for failure. It doesn’t have to be that way!

Be Realistic. Reduce Stress. Be a Success.

One of the most difficult aspects of an ERP project is aligning your project scope with a realistic budget. What if you get it wrong? What are your chances of getting it right?

Relax! Why put all that pressure and stress on yourself? MIS experts can help you align your project goals with your budget so you can set realistic expectations, even if that means a phased approach to keep you looking good.


ERP Budget 101

Whether you need to replace your entire ERP system, or are simply looking for someone to help you find hidden business opportunities in your data, MIS knows what it takes to keep your ERP project within budget.

  • Deployment in the cloud, on premises or hybrid.
  • Hardware and Software requirements.
  • Single site or multi-site deployment.
  • User pricing based on number of total or concurrent users.
  • Project Management costs.
  • Data Migration to continue where you left off.
  • Data Cleansing so you can start fresh.
  • Customizations so you can do business your way.
  • Integrations for improved visibility.
  • Reports and Dashboards for better insights and decisions.
  • Social Integration for improved collaboration.
  • Mobility for anytime anywhere access.
  • Training to keep bad habits from forming.
  • Maintenance for on-premises or hybrid deployments.
  • Monthly Service Fees for cloud solutions.

Need Help with Your ERP Budget?


Don’t trust just anyone! Let the experts at MIS help keep your ERP project within budget!

When engaging with MIS, you’re not engaging with just anyone, you’re engaging with a company that’s been around for 35 years! MIS offers experienced Project Managers that are focused, detail oriented and know what it takes for you to meet your project goals within budget.

Imagine just how much you’ll value the expertise of your dedicated MIS consultants when you aren’t presented with surprise add-on projects during your implementation – trust us!