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ERP with your future in mind.

ERP with your future in mind.


ERP designed for today with the flexibility and agility for tomorrow

  • Do you have a strategy to remain a player during down cycles?
  • Are you challenged by the complexities of changing regulations?
  • Is the fear of cyberattacks keeping you from providing your vendors and counter parties with access to their information?

Does your ERP system have the flexibility to adapt to an ever-changing environment? New cost-effective technologies coupled with evolving customer needs are transforming the energy sector.

Whether you manufacture, maintain, build, or install in support of the energy sector, or provide services to the industry, MIS understands that you need a system that provides the flexibility and scalability that will allow you to adapt to change.

Transform your business with Epicor Kinetic

Epicor Kinetic for Energy is not just another ERP system, it’s a solution built specifically for you. Let MIS show you how Epicor Kinetic allows for collaboration amongst your key players while providing you with key insights to stay on top of supply and demand triggers.

A solution built specifically for you

  • Real-time visibility and accurate, consistent performance metrics
  • Meets regulatory compliancy with product integrity through process control, documentation and visibility
  • Guaranteed compliance with contract requirements and accounting standards
  • Closed loop communications for greater efficiencies and internal and external collaboration
  • Tools to address market pressures proactively
  • Agile operations with flexibility to change

Epicor Kinetic to brighten your day today and tomorrow.

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Let MIS show you how Epicor Kinetic can illuminate your path to a brighter tomorrow. For 35 years, MIS has taken a consultative approach with  implementations like yours, and with that your Epicor Kinetic for Energy will be configured to meet your requirements with agility, growth and change in mind.

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Benefits of Epicor Kinetic for the energy industry

MIS understands the changes the energy sector is experiencing, and how you need a system that can take you through those changes while keeping you up to date with regulatory requirements. At the same time, businesses and consumers are looking for ways to cut costs and save money. Epicor Kinetic is designed to meet the requirements of businesses like yours and includes many benefits: