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Stay ahead of the rapid pace
of technology advancements
… and your competitors.

Stay ahead of the rapid pace
of technology advancements
… and your competitors.


Keep up with industry changes and customer demands

  • Are you able to effectively identify and track components needed for assembly?
  • Are you confident that you’re meeting compliancy and traceability requirements?
  • Do you have a system that can support your global supply chain?
  • Are you looking for strategies to combat shrinking margins?

The electronics industry is at the forefront of the technology revolution and with new products being introduced at a faster and faster pace, customers are more demanding. We understand. You need a proven ERP system that you can count on to manage your complex operations and global requirements. You need Epicor Kinetic.

Conquer your biggest industry challenges with Epicor Kinetic

As technology continues to advance, the smartphones, tablets and computers we use also advance and become smarter, as do the components inside of our devices. MIS understands the special challenges this creates for the electronic components manufacturer. Epicor Kinetic provides:

  • Demand Planning and Forecasting to minimize obsolescence
  • Embedded robust quality management to support stringent traceability requirements, cradle-to-grave
  • A Supply Chain Management system that manages international regulatory and tax requirements
  • Real time insights into your operations to help identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement

Let the team at MIS help you keep up with the fast-paced electronics and high tech industries.

Learn More About Epicor Kinetic for Electronics and High Tech


Here to help you keep up with the electronics and high tech industries

The electronics and high tech industries are changing at a rapid pace, and so are the products relying on electronics. Don’t let your ERP system slow you down; don’t let your customers down.

Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management (SCM) and complex financials are what MIS knows best. Let MIS experts show you how Epicor ERP can help you identify strategies to keep your business moving forward and how, with Epicor Kinetic, you will realize gains in operational efficiencies to better meet your customer’s demands. The result: A positive impact to your bottom. Call MIS today to learn more.

Benefits of Epicor ERP for the electronics and high-tech industries:

With MIS and Epicor Kinetic for Electronics and High-Tech, you will have a system that will streamline your business processes and provide you with just the right, real-time operational insights so that you can stay on top of the rapid pace of advancements.