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Get Your Business in Sync with

the Trend-Setting Millenniums

Get Your Business in Sync with

the Trend-Setting Millenniums


Control costs and get in alignment with the latest consumer trends

  • The furniture industry is anticipated to grow, is your ERP ready?
  • Is your distribution model running at its greatest efficiency?
  • Does your current system support the ability to collect and analyze data so you can respond quickly to consumer buying habits and trends?
  • Does your ERP system have the flexibility to adapt with you?

The millenniums are the new baby boomers when it comes to defining consumer trends, except that they expect more than their predecessors did.

MIS can help you be your most competitive. Let MIS show you how Epicor Kinetic can help you identify bottlenecks, streamline processes and save resources. With Epicor Kinetic dashboards and analytics, you have the ability to identify trends sooner to better align your products with consumer buying habits. With Epicor Kinetic your operations will run more efficiently, meaning you’ll be able to cut costs by doing more with less to make you more competitive. What are you waiting for?

Visibility, efficiencies and great customer service – That’s Epicor Kinetic!

Let MIS show you how Epicor Kinetic is not your old ERP system. Epicor Kinetic is designed for visibility, efficiency and great customer service. Epicor Kinetic provides you with the tools you need to make better decisions, reduce costs and increase profits. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Epicor Kinetic insights to keep you better aligned with consumer buying habits

  • Real-time visibility and accurate, consistent performance metrics
  • Tools to collaborate internally and externally with vendors and suppliers
  • Data analysis capabilities to proactively monitor and address buying habits
  • Agile operations with the flexibility to change

Get Ready to Grow Your Business with MIS and Epicor Kinetic!

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Epicor ERP: Stay ahead of trends and your biggest competitors

Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management (SCM) and complex financials are what MIS knows best, after all we’ve been helping businesses like yours for over 30 years. Ask our team how Epicor Kinetic can help you make the most of consumer trends while identifying areas for cost savings that result in higher profit margins so you can be more competitive. Contact MIS today to learn more.

Features and benefits of Epicor Kinetic for the furniture and fixtures industries:

Epicor Kinetic for Furniture and Fixtures is a system designed to empower your organization to tackle and embrace the challenges of a growing company. Epicor Kinetic is a robust, integrated ERP system that you can trust do to it’s job so that you can better focus on yours. Features and benefits for the furnitures and fixtures industries include: