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Take Control with Epicor ERP in Today’s Competitive Global Market

Take Control with Epicor ERP in Today’s Competitive Global Market


Real-time data for enterprise-wide transparency

  • Are the uncertainties of the global economy having you questioning your sustainability?
  • Are your processes as efficient as they could be?
  • Is too much waste produced during production?
  • Are you able to stay on top of regulatory changes?

No matter what your niche, in today’s global marketplace you need a system that can help you stay in control of the things that you can actually control.

Let MIS show you how, with Epicor ERP, you will have tools and access to data to keep you in control of your business operations and on top of your goals, no matter how small or large.

Epicor ERP lets you work smarter, not harder

With Epicor ERP, your Rubber and Plastics operations will run more efficiently, saving you money without compromising product quality. Improved processes, internal and external collaboration, cradle-to-grave product traceability, improved costing and scheduling are just the beginning of working smarter. Why work harder?

Epicor ERP – A proven global solution

Epicor ERP for Rubber and Plastics offers you a proven global solution that is being used by companies like yours throughout the world. MIS, an Epicor Gold Partner with 30 years experience, offers you experts that understand your unique challenges, experts that can build your solution using insights gained through experience and best practices; in short, experts that you can trust. With MIS, you will experience nothing less than Exceptional ERP. MIS will help you:

  • Improve business processes, customer service, and inventory management
  • Improve lead times and efficiencies while reducing waste through lean practices including Demand Pull Systems
  • Enable internal and external collaboration for reduction of bottlenecks, better customer service, and more accurate lead times, scheduling and costing
  • Manage complex product builds with multiple levels of assembly
  • Better prepare you for unanticipated changes to the global economy and currency challenges
  • Lessen the impact of workforce shortages
  • Enable your management to be more proactive when it comes to important business decisions like identifying the best opportunities for growth

Let MIS help you take control of your business so you can remain more competitive tomorrow.

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Epicor ERP for improved efficiencies, decisions, and profitability

Epicor ERP for Rubber and Plastics helps you improve business processes, customer service levels, and scheduling resulting in less waste and a reduction of costs while you continue to ship the same high quality product.

Take the steps today to reach new heights tomorrow through collaboration, better business decisions, and better customer service levels – all while you work smarter, not harder. Contact MIS at 503-614-1919 and ask us how you can resolve your biggest challenges with Epicor ERP for Rubber and Plastics.

Features and benefits of Epicor ERP for Rubber and Plastics

Manufacturing is a strength of MIS and Epicor ERP, and we know how to help you configure your Epicor ERP to give you the biggest return on your investment for the long run. Epicor ERP for Rubber and Plastics is designed for make-to-stock and make-to-order businesses and provides many benefits, including:


Epicor ERP Manufacturing Overview


Epicor ERP


Epicor ERP
Supply Chain Management Suite


Epicor ERP