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Run and Accept Credit Card Payments
within Epicor Kinetic

Run and Accept Credit Card Payments
within Epicor Kinetic


What Does Your Daily Payment Process Look Like?

  • Are you spending too much time managing credit, debit, and ACH payments?
  • Is it easy for your customers to work with you?
  • Are you meeting all 12 PCI requirements?
  • Are you paying too much in credit card processing fees?
  • Are you looking for ways to reduce costs and improve efficiencies?

EBizCharge for Epicor Kinetic is an out-of-the-box payment automation solution designed to streamline the payment management process, even allowing customers to make payments from their mobile devices!

A Secure and More Cost-Effective Way to Accept Payments

  • Go from manual to directly uploading invoices from Epicor Kinetic to a customer payment portal
  • Automatically post payments to AR and GL and mark invoices as paid
  • Meet complex compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Qualify cards at lowest rates so you pay less on processing fees

Bring inventory, payments, accounting, project management and other tasks together into an integrated, cloud solution to save time, and costs while improving your processes and the overall customer experience.

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An Easy, Out-of-the-Box Payment Solution

EBizCharge for Epicor Kinetic is easy to install and requires no development or maintenance contract. Plus, there are no additional hidden costs because EBizCharge comes with a free savings analysis, free installation, free support, and free training! What do you have to lose?

Benefits of EBizCharge for Epicor Kinetic

Our employees can’t say enough good things about this processor. They point out things we can use before we even know we need them. We have realized substantial savings in our processing fees. EBizCharge is tops in the “User Friendly” category. Highest kudos to their Customer Service reps, techs and management. Always available. Our favorite vendor!
Catherine N.