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Continue running
Epicor Enterprise…
effectively, seamlessly and productively

Continue running
Epicor Enterprise…
effectively, seamlessly and productively


Continue enjoying the stability of Epicor Enterprise

  • Can you squeeze a few more years out of your Epicor Enterprise solution?
  • Who’s going to support your implementation?
  • What if you can’t find local consultants to help?

There’s a good reason you chose Epicor Enterprise: it’s a powerful, stable, reliable ERP solution. And there are good reasons you continue to work on this platform: it’s built to last, your employees love it, and few other platforms released over the past two decades can measure up to Epicor’s mix of strong financials functionality and robust technology.

So, why make a change? If you’re like most Epicor Enterprise customers, you don’t want to shift to a new platform—but you’ve considered doing so simply because it’s getting harder and harder to find qualified technicians to support your implementation.


Get Epicor Enterprise Support Right in Your Area

MIS specializes in providing day-to-day support of Epicor Enterprise. In fact, we’ve worked with this platform for 25 years.

When you partner with MIS, you can:

  • Work with experienced consultants in your area.
  • Get expert support from an Epicor Gold Partner.
  • Enhance the performance of your current solution.
  • Continue to earn a return on your initial investment in Epicor Enterprise.
  • Postpone—or even eliminate—the need to research new ERP solutions.

Stop worrying—and call MIS instead. 

Supporting and maintaining your system

Learn more about how MIS ensures your ERP success.


Why Change? Keep Doing What Works for Your Employees

It’s never easy to push change on your workforce—especially when they already love the tools they’re using and don’t want to give them up. Just because it’s getting harder to find support for Epicor Enterprise doesn’t mean you should have to make a switch. So, don’t.

MIS’s seasoned Epicor Enterprise experts are waiting to jump right in and get your system running better than ever before. Let us know how we can help you. Call 503-614-1919 today.

We’ve trusted MIS with our technology for over 20 years and it’s been a true advantage working with a company that understands our business, especially with staff turned over. MIS keeps our Epicor Enterprise running – we trust them as an extension of our management team.

Director of IT | Financial Services Firm