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Our Solutions

Our Solutions


Why do most business solutions just cause more business problems?

  • Do your managers and executives feel like they’re aiming for a moving target?
  • Are you concerned about the accuracy of the information in your business systems?
  • Are your biggest business decisions equal parts brainwork and guesswork?

Information silos hinder business processes

The root problem is business systems that don’t talk to each other. These applications may execute business transactions well, but they also store information in silos and stifle collaboration. As a result:

  • Decision-makers can’t make fast, accurate decisions in response to business opportunities.
  • Month-end and year-end accounting processes take far longer than they should.
  • Customer communications become inconsistent, and the quality of customer service suffers.
  • Companies leave themselves vulnerable to fines and penalties when they’re audited for regulatory compliance.
  • IT processes are complex, time-consuming, and costly.

Get help on your journey

The journey to business process excellence begins with the right ERP system. And the journey to the right ERP system begins with the right implementation partner. Most partners are driven by the need to make a sale. MIS is driven by the desire to help you build a solution. We’ve spent 30 years helping companies of all sizes across industries select the right solutions for their needs.

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