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Get all the ERP you need,
without spending all you have…
Explore Epicor Kinetic Cloud ERP solutions

Get all the ERP you need,
without spending all you have…
Explore Epicor Kinetic Cloud ERP solutions


Integrate your business in the cloud—quickly and affordably

  • Are you overwhelmed by the ERP choices on the market?
  • How will you find a system that’s flexible enough to adapt to your unique workflows?
  • Will your ideal solution go live within your timeline and budget?

If you want to have it all without spending it all, look to the cloud. Epicor Kinetic systems are available in three different cloud deployment models to meet your needs. And MIS can be your trusted partner for going live as quickly and affordably as possible.

Get the cloud-based ERP advantage

You may have heard that ERP systems are too costly, hard to maintain, and rigid for midsized organizations. But Epicor Kinetic for the cloud is different:

  • They go live quickly to give you rapid time to value.
  • They don’t require large up-front or ongoing investments.
  • They’re easily customizable to your business.
  • They’re available on a subscription basis.
  • They keep your business running efficiently by staying technologically up to date.
  • They protect your data by keeping it backed up and 100 percent secure.
  • They enable seamless upgrades.

Explore our Epicor Kinetic cloud ERP solutions

Learn more about Epicor’s integrated cloud ERP solution an how MIS can help you.

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Choose the platform that fits your business

Epicor Kinetic SaaS Multi-tenant: Need a more powerful ERP solution? Epicor ERP SaaS Multi-tenant gives you access to the full functionality of Epicor Enterprise 10 in the cloud.

Epicor Kinetic SaaS Single Tenant: Get all the benefits of Epicor ERP in a hosted environment and on a subscription basis. You’ll run Epicor ERP on a separate server without sharing applications, servers, or databases.

Explore our cloud-based ERP solutions

Learn more about Epicor Kinetic integrated cloud ERP solution. MIS can help you implement Accounting Solutions, Distribution and Warehousing Solutions, and Manufacturing Solutions.