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Prepare to prosper with an
elite-level supply chain…
it’s just part of Exceptional ERP

Prepare to prosper with an
elite-level supply chain…
it’s just part of Exceptional ERP


Maximize your inventory turnover with Epicor Kinetic Distribution and Warehouse Management

  • Struggling with inventory management?
  • Manual processes make it difficult to execute consistently?
  • New challenges emerging faster than you can act?

Inventory optimization can be summarized by these rules:

  • Rule 1 – Always have enough
  • Rule 2 – Never have too much
  • Rule 2 – Never let rule 2 override rule 1*

Easy to say, but hard to pull off – but not with Epicor Kinetic!

Your success boils down to one thing: execution. Faster, more cost-effective execution means happier customers, greater financial returns for your investors, and a promising new tomorrow for your business.

All of it becomes possible when you use Epicor Distribution.
*Source Aberdeen Group

Exploit your biggest business opportunities

Epicor Kinetic Distribution is designed for distributors like you who won’t settle for anything less than flawless execution.

It’s designed to improve your efficiency and boost your margins by supporting complex supply chain processes.

It also streamlines the complex traceability demands of your industry as well as federal and state laws.

With Epicor Kinetic Distribution, you can:

  • Optimize supply, demand, and fulfillment.
  • Reduce high out-of-stock rates while streamlining inventory.
  • Automate order processing and transfer credit card transactions from your website into your business software.
  • Streamline management of promotional pricing and timing.


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Execute at a whole new level

Don’t let broken manual processes and spreadsheets keep you from taking advantage of your most promising business opportunities. Build a distribution environment that’s designed to help you execute at a whole new level.

Epicor Kinetic Distribution offers modules including:


MIS can help you get started. Learn more about our Epicor Kinetic implementation services.

The savings we achieved through the Epicor ERP solution have been tremendous. Through the enhanced ability to cross-reference our materials with order histories, we were able to reduce our inventory by 10 percent within the first six months of implementation. This has allowed us to pre-order 40 percent of our raw material and negotiate lower prices with vendors, resulting in significant cost savings and discounts.

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